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So it begins…


You might be thinking ‘why am I on this website’ or ‘who the hell is this Daniel chap’.


I am a mild mannered science teacher in the depths of North Yorkshire. As well as teaching science (something I actually get paid for) I also consider myself a cartoonist, martial artist, games designer, writer, painter, philosopher and soon to be captain of my own boat.

I am pretty competent in the above mentioned fields, but not excellent. My talents so far have more breadth than depth, like a talent choad that I show to friends, people who ask politely, or wave around on the internet where nobody is looking. Now behold my foray into having my own ‘slightly above average’ website.

This blog will be a gathering of my mind effluence over the coming few years. I felt like I wanted a single place to keep my ruminations so hopefully at some point someone can enjoy them, or at least use them as the butt of a joke.

Also then I can sound cool at parties by referring people to my website. Perhaps I’ll even get some business cards.

Over the next few weeks and months I will begin to populate this site with articles and cartoons that I have published elsewhere, do some updates of old works and add a few new bits. My plan after that is to upgrade to a .com and then continue with weekly updates of new and exciting material, literally forever, or until I die.

The subject matter could be on any of my afore mentioned specializations, or even some other stuff I didn’t mention. For example I’m into the study of geometry, but I also like to punch willing participants in the face! Anything could happen, so bookmark this website.