Under the bridge

Had a lovely sail this weekend! Very calm breeze, would have been perfect for a first try of the main sail but I got confused with it so left it for another day. Also getting better with my sailing knots.

2 responses to “Under the bridge

  1. Science department here (Kat) typing here, boat looks nice very jealous of the good weather! Bex says you look gay as a lord on your bow. Everyone says hi. Pip says why aren’t you wearing your hat?? We would like to see it, and is the knife toolkit thingy coming in useful? Hope you’re well!


    • Haha! Glad you liked the video! Hope things are good there.
      The knife has come in VERY helpful, thank you! Especially after I took a heavy fall off my skateboard and needed it to cut the dressings and surgical tape.
      Unfortunately the captain’s hat didn’t make it 😦
      I will see what I can do about replacing it for future videos though 😉


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