My mission for last weekend was to antifoul Esprit to some extent. Seeing as she has bilge keels is was possible for me to stand her on a beach when the tide went out. I was not expecting the mass of creatures that were living in her unshaven butt beard! You think that is a disgustingly excessive comment?! Wait until you see the pictures!


Yeah…it’s not so funny when you realise I was not exaggerating. It also explains why my fuel consumption was so high that I ran out of petrol and had to get a tow…

So some metal paint scrapers, a broom handle and about an hour later the collection of mussels, oysters, barnacles, sea squirts, sea weeds, crustaceans, anemones and filter feeding worns were drying out on the mud and Esprit had a rump to be at least semi proud of.




She is now rady to sail. Stand by for my first sailing video tomorrow!

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